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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wait a minute... it's Wednesday, right?!

Hello everybody.

In this day and age, we seem to witness subtle changes in this sphere of ours, the world wide web spins around, and we're letting some things go - form the beginning of this year I have seen some blogging-ships off, as they sailed into the sunset.
I have given this a thought myself, too - but, it's a fine little place where I feel rather well, so I am not giving up being "old school" (ah, and once blogging was a hip new thing, remember those days?).

Now, now.. 
as the title states: it is Wednesday
I have no more Burda magazines for you
I have Neue Mode magazine
...and we're starting at July 1960.


Starting off with a white ensemble, quite tight fitting,
for those who prefer more motion, there is a light blue stripped choice
(as stripes and pale colors were the hit of the season!)

"Bright Summer "
or, as I call it: stipes, dots and puff sleeves!

More sophisticated look can be accomlished by going for floral designs and 
having a less impact of the cut.

Look at these  
they are perfect for the afternoon stoll.

I will guess here, but these are more
designed for the younger population, as it features some
in-between style: still a bit girly, but getting serious.

You can be Seventeen only once, indeed.

Knitting for summer?
Some find it plain nuts,
but here you can see how great it looks when properly styled.

Remember "Tosca"?
One of Germany's preferred brand of the time.

Going for whole lot of sixties style here!
Seeing this, I'm feeling the surge of 
"summer party" movies.
How about you?

You day-to-day style, quite suitable for today's offices
(actually, over here - you'd be over-dressed)  :)

A bit more lay-back look,
for most of age groups.
These are the most versatile dresses in this issue,
since you can "upgrade" them into looking quite elaborate
by adding details, putting on a netting-hat,
wearing gloves.. oh, it's all about detailing!

For those less slender,
here are some models that show 
how you don0t need to wear a sack-dress to "hide the curves"

I'm happy to say that Neue Mode magazine
features really and honestly curvier models,
and their age is not ending in "teen". :)

A true calling of the era is the image in upper left corner:
all mother of short-shorts.

For your days on sea-side 

..or your country-side outings.

Let's end today's issue with "the new pattern" of the time
introducing: checkers! :)

This issue is short in pages, I do feel sorry about that - but, we should try to keep this "alive" and again: I fully support you sharing this around.
And if you happen to get some ideas and end up making something from it, do feel free to let me know.


  1. Third picture up: I do hope that lady isn't about to put her hand in that man's lobster pot?!

    Lovely images, thank you for sharing x

    1. Now that I look at it - I doubt she's that adventurous. :D One should know better that to shove her hands into sea creature's cage. D

  2. Hello, Marija! I'm so happy to see you posting again, and even better with a fashion magazine!

    I love every darn outfit in this issue. I so wish I had grown up wearing lovely dresses rather than ratty bell-bottoms and platform shoes.

    1. I know and share your feelings about these outfits, dear.
      I have grown up seeing these, but haven't been able to wear most of them - our generation grew up wearing straight jeans and cotton shirts. We were plain as it gets - I suppose that is why right now everyone is still searching for their style.. so have an array of fashion fails all around. :)

  3. Yaaaay, you're back! I missed you blogging. Quite a lot of blogs do seem to have fallen by the wayside. I've kept mine up, simply because I write it because it pleases me.

    I would wear every single one of those outfits for fuller-figured ladies, though not the first one's hat - that looks like a squashed pumpkin to me.

    1. Hey, hey!
      I took a break and seriously started considering leaving, but then came across these scans and I knew I have to share it - because "if you have it - share it!"
      To be honest, I love these fashions, but their hats are not.. they are just NOT. The sixties were not the age of good hats, in my opinion. I'd look amazingly ridiculous in any of them.